Monthly:September 2017

Images on your wall

What medium is best for art prints; framed, canvas, metal or acrylic? Buying photo art to decorate your walls can be a very complex process. The art we use to decorate our homes is a reflection of our personality, a personal touch to pul the room together, a reflection of our taste and deeper selves. So searching the right piece can be quite challenging and intimidating. This can make the decision to buy a print quite hard. Choosing the actual […]

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Welcome to my new website and Blog. My name is Dirk Ercken, I’m a photographer located in Overpelt, Belgium. I’ve been taking pictures for about 25 years and about ten years ago I started to take photography seriously. Before that time I was only taking snapshots while on vacation and was never pleased by the end result. A six year photography course got me to the next level. Since, I made a lot of progress so now it’s about time […]

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