Welcome to my new website and Blog. My name is Dirk Ercken, I’m a photographer located in Overpelt, Belgium. I’ve been taking pictures for about 25 years and about ten years ago I started to take photography seriously. Before that time I was only taking snapshots while on vacation and was never pleased by the end result. A six year photography course got me to the next level. Since, I made a lot of progress so now it’s about time to set up a personal web site and joining blog. On this I will focus on the items I love to picture; nature, macro, lightpainting and urbex photography. What you can expect is behind the scene stories, talks about techniques and in the long run I’m planning to create some tutorials. Why this website and blog? Well I’ve been active on twitter quite a while and regularly people were asking for more information to go along with my images, they wanted to know the stories behind the scene. Next to that quite some photographers were asking how I create my images and what techniques I use.

My website and blog will be a vehicle to present my images, my stories on your wall. A photographer is nothing without a public, I want my images to be seen and enjoyed. My goal is to capture unique images and to tell photographic stories that can lighten up the hearts and rooms of people that are touched by them. If you don’t want to mis any of my stories or want to enjoy my future sales offers I invite you to join my mailing list. For now, just have a look at my website and enjoy my images. Remarks on my website or blog are also more than welcome.