Monthly:October 2017

Poison dart frogs

Here’s where my journey into biology and photography started I have always been fascinated by amphibians. I think it started when my grandfather gave me a jar with a small clutch of frog eggs. Watching them evolve into tadpoles and finally into small froglets triggered me to becoming a biologist. During my biology studies I started to breed poison dart frogs. It started small but soon I had several species and lots of terraria. After 15 years of breeding them […]

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Wall closet with many doors in abandoned building

Urbex or urban exploration

Urbex is an abbreviation of Urban Exploration and is all about discovering the stories that are to be found in old forgotten and abandoned buildings. Standing in front of an abandoned building, it is difficult to resist the call of curiosity. What is hidden behind those walls, what stories are there to be found. The excitement of entering a space, entering a memory by climbing fences and walls, crawling trough open windows and explore hidden jewels of the past. If […]

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