Coming soon, glowing mushroom light painting tutorial.

The most magical time of the year is coming! Autumn, full of color and magic. I really love the forests in autumn colors. The sound of the wind playing with falling leaves, the smell of the wet forest floor. The earth transforms from green to vibrant yellows, reds and orange, the color of fall. The land of the fairies descends between the trees.

After the golden glow of the autumn sunset a blanket of darkness covers the woods. Now a different world awakens, a magical world, a fairytale world. You might be eager to explore it. But dont try to hard. If you do you just wont find it; it’s hidden, a least for most eyes. Just look in a slightly different way, only then the magical kingdom of the autumn forest reveals itself. Don’t expect to see it entirely, only a magical glimps. But that glimps will amaze you! Glowing mushrooms covering the forest floor, trowing small spots of light. Traces of a different world, a world where everything is possible. A world that we knew so well when we were small children. A world we forgot about. But that doesn’t mean its totally gone. It’s still there! It’s a world we can rediscover!

Join me

Who doesn’t want to explore this magical world of fairies? Grasp your camera, get out, search and discover. I want to help you to explore and capture the mystery of these glowing mushrooms. All you need is a camera, a flash light and a tripod. Let me be your guide, and we’ll search side by side to find these jewels of the autumn forest. I promise you we’ll find them, I’ll even share the secret so you can find them with your own eyes. You’ll be blown away, everytime you go into the darkness of the woods!

At night they glow, two mushrooms glowing besides a small birch sapling. Light painting night photography

Tutorial release

I’m excited to announce that I’m working on a tutorial on mushroom lightpainting and in coming weeks I will release it. Mushroom season is starting already but I want to do it right, so give me a little more time. So if you are interested in creating this kind of magical images straight out of a fairytale stay tuned in. You can do that by following me on facebook or Subscribing to my newsletter. Here you can already enjoy the intro of my tutorial.


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