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I’m excited to announce that my tutorial Mushroom Light Painting is finished. The release of the tutorial is today! It covers all facets of the light painting workflow to create magical glowing mushroom pictures.

One of the most important aspects of this workflow is finding a good composition, so I included several specific aspects that go in composing these shots. Then there’s a section covering the gear you need and the actual shoot that includes camera settings, taking the images for the image stack and the actual light painting. Finally we go to the post processing to finish with a completed glowing mushroom image.

I know a lot of you were waiting impatiently for the release. At the end it was a lot of work, far more than I anticipated. And still, I continue working on some extra sections covering exceptions and special tricks. These sections will later on (within one or two weeks) be included within the tutorial.

I want to give you all tools needed to get creative so you can produce these fantastic images by yourself. I tried to explain everything in great detail so also a beginner with minor experience in Photoshop can follow the workflow. I think right now the tutorial already covers more than most of you expected. Consider the extra sections that will follow as a bonus that’ll be online very soon.

I put a lot of effort in creating this tutorial and I’m really proud of the result. Actually I started with it more than a year ago, and last couple of months I’ve been working almost full time on it. I learned a lot about video processing!

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Mushroom Light Painting tutorial, enjoy!

Mushroom Light painting photography from Dirk Ercken on Vimeo.

So if you are interested in creating this kind of magical images straight out of a fairytale stay tuned in. You can do that by following me on facebook or Subscribing to my newsletter.

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