Hallerbos Barcode

Hallerbos is a wonderful place, an old forest with young trees. Each spring it turns into a place of magic, the whole forest floor covered in spring flowers. It starts in March with wood anemones covering parts of the forest in a wonderful white blanket. But this is only the announcement of something bigger, the real magic happens in April when a vast amount of the forest floor turns velvet blue. Thousends of bluebells lay an amazing flower carpet.

Wood anemone

A couple of years ago I shot this wonderful image. Last year due to the pandemic there was no opportunity to visit the forest, so I played a little bit with my older pictures. The result was Hallerbos barcode. I transformed the image into something surreal using Photoshop. In the video I try to recreate the image. It’s not exactly the same as the original but it’s close enough.

Hallerbos no post processing
The original image, without any post processing

I show you the whole process, where the motion blur and the use of layers in Photoshop are the most important processes. At the end it was a little more complicated than I remembered. In my flower photography I try to create most of the image in-camera, but sometimes I take my post processing to another level. It’s a quick video edit, so the sound won’t be perfect. Enjoy it!

Set video quality to HD for best quality.

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  1. Bedankt voor de post processing van het Hallerbos.
    Het was een heel duidelijke uitleg en zeker met de video heel goed te volgen. Ik heb er weer heel wat van bijgeleerd ivm layers en masks .
    Dit is zeker voor herhaling vatbaar! Mvg, Rita

  2. I love your work. Would you please let me know the cost of your course?
    Kind regards,

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