Quick and subtle

When applying the techniques of the Flower Art Photography Masterclass the images will only need minor or even no post-processing. Most of the work will be done while shooting and not later when post-processing the images. .

In following video I’ll show you how I use Lightroom to do some small adjustments to my flower pictures. I use Lightroom but these minor adjustment can be done by using almost any post processing software. There’s no need to use fancy filters or complicated post processing.

More info about the Flower Art Photography Masterclass and other courses you can find here.

In the Flower Art Photography Masterclass you learn how to create wonderful flower pictures in-camera while shooting. This doesn’t mean that the images need no post pressing at all. Post processing is part of photography. Post processing will be limited to what we used to do when shooting film.

Also in the old days when shooting film you did have to do some ‘post processing’. You had to develop the film, and the way you developed it had an effect on the final image. And then, after the film was developed you still had to print it. I did shoot quite some black and white film and worked a lot in the darkroom. It takes quite some skills to create a good print, selecting the paper to print on, finding the right exposure and contrast, accentuating parts of the image through burning and dodging (darken or lighten parts of the image). Mostly (always) it took several prints before you got it right. It took at least half an hour (mostly more) to get one good print. But the difference between a lab developing and printing the (film) images or doing it yourself in the darkroom is immense.

In that way there’s not that much difference between shooting film and shooting digital. In digital photography you can let the camera do all the post processing and post the image just like that on the internet. That’s like shooting film and letting the lab develop and print the images. You are not in control, the computer inside your camera is. You are not taking advantage of all the work you did while shooting the image.

This means that there’s always post processing involved, whether you do it yourself or you let the camera take all control over it.

We want to have control over it. It’s an important part of the creative process. We’re trying to create artistic flower pictures. The images will already look quite good when coming out of the camera. And yes some images need no post processing at all. We will use post processing to lift good images to an even higher level and not to create a good image out of a bad one.

In following video I show you how I do post processing using Lightroom. Nothing fancy, just the basics as I use for most of my flower portraits. Enjoy!