Release date: Light Painting Photography Masterclass

The multiple and the single exposure approach

Everything seems to going as planned, next week Friday I will release my Light Painting Photography Masterclass.

Here’s another chapter for you to check out: the multiple and the single exposure approach to light painting. 

When light painting you have the option to lit the whole scene in one go or to shoot a series of smaller exposures and blend them into one using photoshop.
The single and the multiple exposure approach. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. In this tutorial I will demonstrate the techniques and concepts involved in the single exposure light painting as well as how to combine multiple light paint exposures into a single image.

Watch the preview below.


forest path light painting
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  1. I’m very much looking forward to this course. I had taken a previous flower photo course on line with Mr. Erken and I learned a tremendous amount. He has a concise, deliberate teaching method that is easy to follow.

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