Do you need the latest gear to create artistic flower portraits?

The following question I receive quite often: is my camera good enough to create this dreamy style flower pictures? Or, I have a crop sensor camera will I be able to get the shallow depth of field?

The most important element in flower photography doesn’t lay in using the best camera or most expensive lens. If you really want to improve your photography you’ll have to invest in your skills. You have to learn how to observe, how to look through your camera, how to create a pleasing composition and how to use your camera. In the Flower Art Photography Masterclass I show you in great detail how to create these kind of images. To do this I give you a look over my shoulder and even a look through my viewfinder so you can exactly see what I see when I create this kind of images.

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  1. Heel goede info al heb ik het heel moeilijk om het in het Engels allemaal te begrijpen en kan jammer genoeg niet vertalen naar Nederlands.
    Ik sta positief tegenover deze info, heel leerrijk.

    • Dankjewel Ronald. Ben op dit moment bezig met de vertaling van de bloemen tutorial naar het Nederlands. Eenmaal deze gereed is zal ik ook in het Nederlands blogposts doen.

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