Are you ready for a new exiting photographic adventure? An adventure that will lead you into another world. A world that you create, full of beauty, softness and painterly attraction. A multilayered reality, with image on image on image.

Flower multiple exposure photography, an in-camera exploration of your creativity.

Nowadays many digital cameras have a multiple exposure function. And with it you are able to create wonderful artistic images.

On times very subtle like for this image for example, just by adding a glow, a veil of color to the image. Or you can get more extreme and create something like this. It’s almost as if you are painting with your camera.

Playing with multiple focal points, creating in-camera composites. Adding a beautiful bokeh. Even combining a wide DOF with a dreamy painterly look. And all this in-camera!

A small side effect is loss of contrast and color in these straight out of the camera multiple exposures. So they’ll need some post processing, but mostly adding contrast and some color adjustments are all they need.

If you own a camera that allows multiple exposures, know how to shoot in manual mode, and have some skills in flower photography, then you’re good to go.

Here my flower Art Photography Masterclass give you an execellent base to start from. .

Multiple exposure photography gives us a wonderful playground

But I have to warn you! It’s additive and fun! Once you start with it you’ll be hooked!

Discover now the multiple exposure flower and macro photography masterclass.

Learn to look at the world through different eyes!