An introduction to in-camera multiple exposure

Multiple exposure, a journey into a new photographic world

Multiple exposure is an old technique that already existed long before the digital era. But it’s only quite recent that the feature is incorporated into digital cameras. Combining two or more images to make one in-camera image is a fun way to get creative with your photography and frame everyday subjects into a new and interesting way.

My first multiple exposure I shot about 8 years ago. I used the technique once in a while. But last year I really started experimenting a lot with it. And I discovered the many possibilities it gives. I already learned a lot and I’m still finding new tricks and techniques. 

The Flower and Macro Multiple Exposure Masterclass is a first result of this journey. But that won’t be the end! Shooting in-camera multiple exposures is far too addictive and fun! I really love it and it allows me to create amazing pictures. 

Now I’m not only shooting flowers, I use the technique in landscape and urban photography too. And this may lead to some new masterclasses in the future. 

Here’s already an introduction to the vast amount of possibilities multiple exposure gives. Enjoy!

Multiple exposure flower macro photography
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