Unlocking the Power of a Shallow Depth of Field

Learn to embrace a shallow depth of field

Learn to embrace a shallow depth of field and unlock the captivating power of selective focus. In this video, we’ll delve into the art of guiding the viewer’s eye, creating a dreamy and painterly background, and understanding the profound influence of a shallow depth of field on the perception of sharpness. Join us on a journey where photography and videography meet the realm of visual storytelling, as we explore how this technique can elevate your creative work to new heights. Welcome to the world of selective focus and the magic it can bring to your visuals.

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  1. I enjoy your short videos but unfortunately I can’t afford to pay for your full courses. But please keep up your good work.

    • Thanks for your response Malcolm! Glad you are enjoying them! I plan to upload a lot more free videos in the near future!

  2. I have purchased your courses. Do you offer any written materials that follow along? I know that I can play the courses on my phone and screenshot the camera settings, but I like to watch them on a larger screen. I was hoping that you already had some of the instructions available somewhere that I could refer to while I’m shooting. I looked on amazon to see if you have a book but I didn’t find anything. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

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