Jewels of the Rain Forest – Frog Photography

The power of back lighting

It is through my facination of frog that my journey into photography started. For years I have been breeding poison dart frogs, and I’ve captured countless images of these rainforest jewels. Their vibrant hues and intriguing biology make them a captivating subject. Many times I’ve been to South and Central America in search of them, and to take pictures of them. While initially capturing them in their natural environment, the majority of my later frog photographs have been shot in a studio, illuminated by a single big softbox.

In this video, I’ll demonstrate my approach and the necessary equipment for capturing stunning frog images. Whether employing a large studio softbox or a compact flash with a small softbox, both methods yield impressive results. While the latter allows for fieldwork, it often requires assistance to position the flash correctly.

Typically, I employ backlighting complemented by overhead light and subtle frontal fill for my frog compositions. This technique results in pictures with a unique ambiance and radiance, accentuating the frogs’ forms and skin textures. The play of light and shadow adds depth and highlights the skin patterns.

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