Jewels of the Rain Forest – Frog Photography

The power of back lighting It is through my facination of frog that my journey into photography started. For years I have been breeding...

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How to shoot a fairy tale

Join me onto a walk into the enchanted autumn forest Join me onto a walk into the autumn night. You can already hear the...

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Mushroom macro photography

Adding a touch of magic – mushroom post processing Lightroom

Adding a touch of magic – mushroom post processing Lightroom Welcome to our latest blogpost, where we embark on an enchanting journey through the...

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Let’s take a walk into the enchanted forest – Mushroom Light Painting Photography

Magical glowing mushrooms Let’s take a walk into the enchanted forest, where we’ll embark on a magical photographic journey . Picture this: glowing mushrooms...

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Unlocking the Power of a Shallow Depth of Field

Learn to embrace a shallow depth of field Learn to embrace a shallow depth of field and unlock the captivating power of selective focus....

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Light metering and exposure compensation

Light metering and exposure compensation If the images in your camera are sometimes too dark or too bright. Then this video is for you!...

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Post processing flower multiple exposures

Quick and subtle post processing Creating multiple exposures in-camera doesn’t mean that these images don’t need any post processing at all. How much post...

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An introduction to in-camera multiple exposure

Multiple exposure, a journey into a new photographic world Multiple exposure is an old technique that already existed long before the digital era. But...

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Multiple exposure flower macro photography

Coming soon: Flower and Macro Multiple Exposure Masterclass

Are you ready for a new exiting photographic adventure? An adventure that will lead you into another world. A world that you create, full...

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wild poppy

Flower Art Photography Masterclass vs Mini Course

You might wonder, what’s the difference between the mini course flower art photography and the masterclass flower art photography. Quite often I get the...

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Do you need the latest gear to create artistic flower portraits?

The following question I receive quite often: is my camera good enough to create this dreamy style flower pictures? Or, I have a crop...

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Release date: Light Painting Photography Masterclass

The multiple and the single exposure approach Everything seems to going as planned, next week Friday I will release my Light Painting Photography Masterclass....

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forest path light painting

Coming soon: Light Painting Photography Masterclass

Light Painting Photography Masterclass After months of hard work I’m happy to announce that my new masterclass, Light Painting Photography, is almost ready to...

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Mushroom Photography Tips

Take a walk into the enchanted forest and create some magic Mushroom season is here, temperatures are dropping and humidity in the forests is...

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Flower Art Photography – post processing Lightroom

Quick and subtle When applying the techniques of the Flower Art Photography Masterclass the images will only need minor or even no post-processing. Most...

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Hallerbos Barcode

Hallerbos is a wonderful place, an old forest with young trees. Each spring it turns into a place of magic, the whole forest floor...

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Release tutorial: Flower Art Photography

I’m excited to announce that my Flower Art Photography tutorial is finally finished. I’ve been working on it real hard for the last couple...

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Artistic flower photography

Tutorial: Flower Art Photography

I invite you to travel with me to a magical dreamy and tiny world, the wonderful world of flower art photography. Learn to create...

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RELEASE: Mushroom Light Painting

Release Tutorial I’m excited to announce that my tutorial Mushroom Light Painting is finished. The release of the tutorial is today! It covers all...

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Intro Mushroom Light Painting Tutorial

Release full tutorial on 25th of September Last weeks I have been working hard to get my tutorial on mushroom light painting finished. It...

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Glowing mushroom light painting

Coming soon, glowing mushroom light painting tutorial.

The most magical time of the year is coming! Autumn, full of color and magic. I really love the forests in autumn colors. The...

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Poison dart frog portrait of phyllobates terribilis OF the amazon rainforest in Colombia, very toxic and poisonous animal,big black amphibian eyes and bright yellow color

Poison dart frog, Phyllobates terribilis, territorial fight for dominance.

I build a new vivarium for my poison dart frogs, Phyllobates terribilis orange black foot. I have five of them and didn’t know how...

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The Heartbeat of a Glass Frog

Glass frogs are beautiful small (2-2.5cm) animals from the tropical rain forests of South and Central America. They are really transparent, you can even...

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Light science and magic, an introduction to photography lighting

A review of one of the best educational photography books I have ever read. This is a book with solid rock information, totally different...

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Light painting

The trick not to illuminate the whole scene Light painting can be looked upon as a kind of night photography, but in fact it...

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Diffraction: loss of image sharpness

When I was starting with photography I always wanted to get the best out of my camera. I love to shoot macro images and...

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Poison dart frogs

Here’s where my journey into biology and photography started I have always been fascinated by amphibians. I think it started when my grandfather gave...

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Wall closet with many doors in abandoned building

Urbex or urban exploration

Urbex is an abbreviation of Urban Exploration and is all about discovering the stories that are to be found in old forgotten and abandoned...

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Images on your wall

What medium is best for art prints; framed, canvas, metal or acrylic? Buying photo art to decorate your walls can be a very complex...

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Welcome to my new website and Blog. My name is Dirk Ercken, I’m a photographer located in Overpelt, Belgium. I’ve been taking pictures for...

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