Flower photography
Multiple exposure flower macro photography

Coming soon: Flower and Macro Multiple Exposure Masterclass

Are you ready for a new exiting photographic adventure? An adventure that will lead you into another world. A world that you create, full...

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wild poppy

Flower Art Photography Masterclass vs Mini Course

You might wonder, what’s the difference between the mini course flower art photography and the masterclass flower art photography. Quite often I get the...

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Do you need the latest gear to create artistic flower portraits?

The following question I receive quite often: is my camera good enough to create this dreamy style flower pictures? Or, I have a crop...

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Flower Art Photography – post processing Lightroom

Quick and subtle When applying the techniques of the Flower Art Photography Masterclass the images will only need minor or even no post-processing. Most...

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Release tutorial: Flower Art Photography

I’m excited to announce that my Flower Art Photography tutorial is finally finished. I’ve been working on it real hard for the last couple...

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Artistic flower photography

Tutorial: Flower Art Photography

I invite you to travel with me to a magical dreamy and tiny world, the wonderful world of flower art photography. Learn to create...

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