The jumping jewels of our swamps and forests. Vivid colors of the poison frog, tree frogs crawling in the canopy. Here's where my journey in photography started

Jewels of the Rain Forest – Frog Photography

The power of back lighting It is through my facination of frog that my journey into photography started. For years I have been breeding...

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Poison dart frog portrait of phyllobates terribilis OF the amazon rainforest in Colombia, very toxic and poisonous animal,big black amphibian eyes and bright yellow color

Poison dart frog, Phyllobates terribilis, territorial fight for dominance.

I build a new vivarium for my poison dart frogs, Phyllobates terribilis orange black foot. I have five of them and didn’t know how...

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The Heartbeat of a Glass Frog

Glass frogs are beautiful small (2-2.5cm) animals from the tropical rain forests of South and Central America. They are really transparent, you can even...

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Poison dart frogs

Here’s where my journey into biology and photography started I have always been fascinated by amphibians. I think it started when my grandfather gave...

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