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Light Painting

Let’s take a walk into the enchanted forest – Mushroom Light Painting Photography

13/09/2023 - by

Magical glowing mushrooms Let’s take a walk into the enchanted forest, where we’ll embark on a magical photographic journey . Picture this: glowing mushrooms illuminating the dim forest floor, transforming it into an enchanting wonderland. The key to unlocking this ethereal world is simple – all you need is a DSLR or mirrorless camera, a…

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RELEASE: Mushroom Light Painting

04/10/2019 - by

Release Tutorial I’m excited to announce that my tutorial Mushroom Light Painting is finished. The release of the tutorial is today! It covers all facets of the light painting workflow to create magical glowing mushroom pictures. One of the most important aspects of this workflow is finding a good composition, so I included several specific…

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