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Jewels of the Rain Forest – Frog Photography

27/02/2024 - by

The power of back lighting It is through my facination of frog that my journey into photography started. For years I have been breeding poison dart frogs, and I’ve captured countless images of these rainforest jewels. Their vibrant hues and intriguing biology make them a captivating subject. Many times I’ve been to South and Central…

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Let’s take a walk into the enchanted forest – Mushroom Light Painting Photography

13/09/2023 - by

Magical glowing mushrooms Let’s take a walk into the enchanted forest, where we’ll embark on a magical photographic journey . Picture this: glowing mushrooms illuminating the dim forest floor, transforming it into an enchanting wonderland. The key to unlocking this ethereal world is simple – all you need is a DSLR or mirrorless camera, a…

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Mushroom Photography Tips

24/09/2021 - by

Take a walk into the enchanted forest and create some magic Mushroom season is here, temperatures are dropping and humidity in the forests is on the rise. A perfect combination for mushrooms to pop up. I really love this period of the year. A perfect opportunity to pick up my camera and head to the…

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