Light metering and exposure compensation

Light metering and exposure compensation If the images in your camera are sometimes too dark or too bright. Then this video is for you!...

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Post processing flower multiple exposures

Quick and subtle post processing Creating multiple exposures in-camera doesn’t mean that these images don’t need any post processing at all. How much post...

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An introduction to in-camera multiple exposure

Multiple exposure, a journey into a new photographic world Multiple exposure is an old technique that already existed long before the digital era. But...

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Multiple exposure flower macro photography

Coming soon: Flower and Macro Multiple Exposure Masterclass

Are you ready for a new exiting photographic adventure? An adventure that will lead you into another world. A world that you create, full...

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wild poppy

Flower Art Photography Masterclass vs Mini Course

You might wonder, what’s the difference between the mini course flower art photography and the masterclass flower art photography. Quite often I get the...

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Release date: Light Painting Photography Masterclass

The multiple and the single exposure approach Everything seems to going as planned, next week Friday I will release my Light Painting Photography Masterclass....

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