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Light metering and exposure compensation

20/08/2023 - by

Light metering and exposure compensation If the images in your camera are sometimes too dark or too bright. Then this video is for you! Learn how to use exposure compensation to get the perfect light. Should I follow my camera’s advice? Do I always agree with its suggestions? In most cases, no! I don’t shoot…

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Post processing flower multiple exposures

12/07/2023 - by

Quick and subtle post processing Creating multiple exposures in-camera doesn’t mean that these images don’t need any post processing at all. How much post processing you do on your flower images? When using the proper camera techniques, they will only need minor post processing. Most work will be done in-camera. Back in the days when…

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An introduction to in-camera multiple exposure

10/07/2023 - by

Multiple exposure, a journey into a new photographic world Multiple exposure is an old technique that already existed long before the digital era. But it’s only quite recent that the feature is incorporated into digital cameras. Combining two or more images to make one in-camera image is a fun way to get creative with your…

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Flower Art Photography Masterclass vs Mini Course

25/04/2023 - by

You might wonder, what’s the difference between the mini course flower art photography and the masterclass flower art photography. Quite often I get the remark that I already give all the information in my free mini course. And indeed, the mini course is already stacked with valuable information. But actually it is in the masterclass…

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