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Free mini course Flower Art Photography

All the basics you’ll need to start creating wonderful in-camera dreamy flower portraits.

Photography Masterclasses


Mushroom Light Painting

Let your imagination run wild and create a world of fantasy. A wonder world mostly hidden from your eyes, mushrooms glowing in the dark. Also you have the power to reveil these secrets of the woods. Are you ready to start your quest? Are you ready to create something out of this world?


Flower Art Photography

Painterly romantic flower portraits straight out of the camera. Learn to create an instant artistic and dreamy look. With these techniques your flower portraits will only need minor or even no post processing, the real magic will happen in-camera while shooting the images. 


Light Painting Photography

Learn to create complex light compositions that can only be achieved by light painting. A camera, a tripod, a hand hold flashlight and the right skills is all you need to create these amazing pictures. Learn to play with light and shadows and create a unique mood and feel. 


Flower and Macro Multiple Exposure Masterclass

In-camera multiple exposure macro and close up photography. Lift your flower photography to another level. Creating a soft focus effect, play with focal points, combining a wider depth of field with a dreamy painterly look, abstracting  images, in-camera composites and much more.