“Mushroom Light Painting Masterclass, a whole lot more…”

From start to finish, every step in great detail

The Mushroom Light Painting Masterclass is more than just a tutorial to learn how to let mushrooms glow. I use the term masterclass because we will be discussing all facets in great detail. The whole build up of the image is important, and the glowing mushroom caps will only be the finishing touch. 

Do you want to become a visual story teller? Then here’s your chance! Learn to create pictures coming straight out of a fairy tale. Lift your photography to the next level and amaze the world with some astonishing glowing mushrooms. 

You can learn...

Creating this kind of incredible pictures isn’t as hard as you think. Everybody with basic photographic skills can learn this kind of photography. You only need a little bit of extra guidance, advice and practice.

Also you can become an amazing visual story teller. You can tell magical stories that conquers the hearts of your viewers, young and old. And after all isn’t that what all photographers want?

Why be satisfied with an average picture

Creating an image of a glowing mushroom is quite simple. With a little bit of creativity you could easily make some interesting pictures. But composing an image that really stands out from the rest, that is something else.

Now, let me tell you a secret. The trick to create really wonderful mushroom light paintings doesn’t lay in the glowing mushroom caps! If you want images that will blow minds away you’ll have to pay extra attention to the whole composition.

Our objective is to compose images that are really astonishing. Not only because they include a glowing mushroom, but because the whole scene screams wow!

Why would you be satisfied with this…
if you can create this…

What you don’t want, is to take a snapshot and then work for hours on it in Photoshop, only to end up with an average image. That kind of tutorials you can find for free on youtube.

We want to take it a step further, we will take it to the next level. Don’t you prefer the whole image to shine, and not alone the mushroom. Do you want to learn how?

Let's create some magic, let the mushrooms glow

We will shoot all images in daylight and turn them into a night scene in post processing. The light painting itself is limited to the mushroom caps and possible supporting subjects, like a glowing leaf for example. These will become the extra light accents within the image, but next to them other elements of light will also play an important role. 

To get best results you have to consider the light composition for the whole image and not only for the mushroom caps. It’s the play of light and dark that really brings the images alive.  The general composition as well as the light composition of the whole image have to be in balance. 

Learn to compose this...
and then turn it into this!


Creating really compelling images, glowing mushrooms coming straight out of an enchanted forest. Imagine how people will react to your new skills. Imagine how you will feel, hanging them on your wall or even the walls of your friends. I know I’m really proud when I see my images in other people’s homes. Imagine becoming a creator of these incredible works of art. Imagine being really proud about your artwork!

The solution...

Do you want to learn these new skills? Then take advantage of this opportunity.

Prepare to capture the unseen...

Are you ready to join me on this journey into the the world of fairies? Do you want to create some real magic! Then don’t forget your camera and prepare yourself for a journey beyond your beliefs.

I guarantee you that shooting glowing mushrooms is great fun. And next to that your whole photography will take advantage of the new skills you will learn. 

You don’t want to mis this opportunity!

Fairy tales exist!

Now, let’s take this step and have a walk into the enchanted forest, let’s some magic happen.

Any questions or doubts

Don’t hesitate to contact me. Just send me a quick e-mail: info@dirkerckenimages.com

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Customers reviews

What people say?

Well that was fun!! Lots of excellent instruction and creativity. All along I had the lighten blend mode in mind, and then you did it. I also liked using the screen mode.
Tom Martinson
Clearly explained and very inspiring! An interesting subject and great course. I can't wait to get started. Fortunately the mushroom season begins... Well done Dirk!
Tom De Bie
Dear Dirk, thanks for this very clear and comprehensive tutorial. The whole process explained from start to finish. Nice work! Mushroom season cannot be too long from now on!
Geert Huyskens