Flower and Macro Multiple exposure Masterclass

Flower and Macro Multiple Exposure Masterclass

Welcome to the multilayered world

An intensive tutorial on flower and macro multiple exposure. Subtle to more creative multiple exposure macro photography.

  • Soft focus effect
  • combining wider depth of field with dreamy look
  • multiple focal points
  • in-camera composites
  • adding bokeh
  • painterly images
  • in-camera effect 

Check your camera

Before subscribing for this masterclass check the in-camera multiple exposure options on your camera.

Canon and Nikon have the most complete functions, although the older versions don’t incorporate in-camera multiple exposure or only offer limited options

Sony doesn’t support in-camera multiple exposure

For other brands: check your camera

This masterclass is focused on DSLR and mirrorless cameras

Essential functions

  • in-camera multiple exposure
  • Additive blend mode
  • 2 to 3 multiple exposures minimum (best up to 9)

Preferable but not necessary

  • save source images
  • live view or overlay shooting mode

Entry level

Skills and tools needed:

  • medium advanced to advanced macro or flower photographer
  • Shoot in full manual mode
  • manual focusing
  • basic skills in post processing
  • Digital DSLR or mirrorless camera
  • a macro lens
  • or regular lens combined with extension tubes
  • The Flower Art Photography Masterclass is an excellent starting point
Multiple exposure flower macro photography


  • intro
  • what’s multiple exposure
  • gear
  • camera settings
  • blending  modes
  • soft focus multiple exposure
  • a play with focal points
  • in-camera composites
  • multiple exposure bokeh
  • post processing (Lightroom/Photoshop)

Post processing

  • In-camera multiple exposure reduces contrast and colours. So the images will need post processing.
  • Adjusting contrast and color is mostly all they need.
  • Most work will be done in-camera. 
  • I use Lightroom and PS
  • Any software to adjust color and contrast can be used

Prepare yourself to capture the unseen

Looking through a lens changes the world, the camera sees differently. Explore a world beyond your imagination and discover the real beauty of the flowers around us.
Self portrait in low key
Dirk Ercken
Biologist Photographer

Become a creator and make the picture

Gear for multiple exposure photography

This masterclass focuses mostly on DSLR and mirrorless cameras. I can't assure that pocket cameras or smartphones will give similar results

Looking at the world through different eyes

Camera settings

Camera settings for the Canon and Nikon systems, other brands will have similar features. Sony doesn't support in-camera multiple exposure

Looking at the world through different eyes

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Flower and Macro Multiple Exposure Masterclass