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Flower Art Photography

An extensive tutorial on flower photography. Full workflow covering  all aspects of creating dreamy artistic flower portraits.

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Creating this kind of stunning pictures isn’t as hard as you think. Everybody with basic photographic skills can learn this kind of photography. Do you want to learn how to create an in-camera dreamy and romantic look?

For all levels of photography

Skills and tools needed:

  • Shoot in manual or aperture priority mode
  • basic skills in Photoshop
  • Digital DSLR or mirrorless camera
  • a macro lens
  • or regular lens combined with extension tubes

Prepare yourself to capture the unseen

Looking through a lens changes the world, the camera sees differently. Explore a world beyond your imagination and discover the real beauty of the flowers around us.
Self portrait in low key
Dirk Ercken
Biologist Photographer

Become a creator and make the picture


  • gear and camera settings
  • make the  best out of natural light
  • creative thought (story telling)
  • composition
  • shooting techniques
  • post processing
  • 21 chapters
  • duration: 2h43′ + 10′ extras
  • Availability: Worldwide 
wild poppy

Gear: back to basics

The gear we will use is limited to a DSLR or mirrorless camera combined with a macro lens or a regular lens combined with some cheap extension tubes. No tripods or flashlight required. All images are shot hand hold and we only use the available light.

Become a creator and make the picture

In-camera dreamy look

Learn to create an instant artistic and dreamy look. With these techniques your flower portraits will only need minor or even no post processing, the real magic will happen in-camera while shooting. 

A quest for the perfect light

All our flower portraits will be shot by using the available light, we won't be using any flashlights. We aim for a soft pleasant light wrapping around the flower.

Embracing the shallow depth of field

The essence of a flower

The selective focus we use will result in a shallow depth of field and the blur associated with this, gives a dreamy picturesque and even painterly feel. Do you want to learn how to capture the essence or spirit of a flower?


Learn to see the whole picture. Keep an eye out for all details within the frame and use them effectively to create powerful and visual interesting compositions.

Seeing the whole picture

Background is key

Mastering the art of effective backgrounds is the fastest way to improve your photography. Pictures with distracting backgrounds have an amateur snapshot look while intentional thought trough backgrounds instantly lift the image to a higher level. 

looking through a viewfinder

Looking through a camera is quite different than seeing with your own eyes, the DOF, the sharpness, the focal point and the aspect ratio are totally different. 

Shooting techniques

I'm creating the tutorials that I wanted and needed when I was starting out as a photographer. Back then, when I was studying tutorials or following a workshop, I was always stuck with the same question. How does it look through the camera? What does the instructor see through the viewfinder while searching for a composition? In my tutorials I really try to show you what I see when I create my images. So I invite you to have a look over my shoulder. I even give you a look through my viewfinder so you can see what I see when I compose my images. Now, do you want to know all these secrets?

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