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Mini course Flower Art Photography

This mini course ‘Flower Art Photography’ gives you the basics for creating wonderful dreamy and painterly flower portraits. The main objective of this course is to learn to see in a different way. The camera doesn’t look at the world as we do. The aspect ratio, the depth of field and the local length are totally different. And this becomes even more obvious when shooting macro or close up images. 



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Dreamy painterly flower portraits straight out of the camera

Masterclass Flower Art Photography

In this mini course I already provide you with a lot of information, but it’s actually only the tip of the iceberg.

In the full masterclass I go into more detail on the photographic techniques like the shooting through technique, shooting through fabric, the in between flowers technique and how to blend the foreground with the background to create an amazing bokeh. Next to that I tallk about the creative though that goes into sculpting this kind of images, and how to become a visual story teller. Other chapters are dedicated to finding, modifying and using the available light to create the mood we want.

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Learn to see in a different way