The Ultimate Mushroom Light Painting Masterclass

Let's take a walk into the enchanted forest

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Glowing mushrooms

Let your imagination run wild and create a world of fantasy. A wonder world mostly hidden from your eyes. Mushrooms glowing in the dark forests. Also you have the power to reveil these secrets of the woods. Are you ready to start your quest? Are you ready to create something out of this world?

Also you can do this

Creating this kind of stunning pictures isn’t as hard as you think. Everybody with basic photographic skills can learn this kind of photography. You can become an amazing visual story teller, you can tell fairy tales conquering the hearts of your viewers, young and old. 

For all levels of photography

Skills and tools needed:

  • Shoot in full manual mode
  • basic skills in Photoshop
  • Digital DSLR or mirrorless camera
  • Tripod and/or beanbag

Prepare yourself to capture the unseen

Are you ready to join me on this journey into the world of fairies? Then let's create some glowing mushrooms! Fairy tales exist! Let's take this step and have a walk into the enchanted forest. Let some magic happen.
Self portrait in low key
Dirk Ercken
Biologist Photographer

Create images coming straight out of a fairy tale


  • gear and camera settings
  • light settings
  • composition
  • actual shoot and light painting
  • post processing
  • 20 chapters
  • duration: 1h56′
  • Availability: Worldwide 

With an eye for all details

This series covers the whole process in great detail. From finding the mushrooms over composing the image, the actual shoot and light painting to the post processing. Step by step we build up the image so everybody can follow the whole process.

Learn some new skills

Do you want to learn...

You are about to learn how to create glowing mushrooms. But that’s not all! There’s a whole lot more to these images than you might think. You’ll learn to built up the images step by step. We go into great detail for all of them. The light painting of the mushroom caps is only one of these steps. Learning skills like these really helps you to grow as a photographer. Isn’t that what you want? Learning new skills.

Secret to success: a good starting point

The key of getting amazing results is to spend time on creating a good composition. I say creating because good compositions aren't found, you really have to build up the whole scenery. That's why a big part of the tutorial is dedicated to building up a great composition. Get it right while shooting! What do you prefer? Going out to take pictures or spending time inside to process them. I know what I choose!

Seeing the whole picture

Composition is key

Composition is key in getting good results. You don’t want to waste your time on an inferior image. Many of the techniques explained in this section can be used in other types of photography. While others are very specific for our mushroom light paintings. 

The final touch: Light Painting

Before we start light painting we already have created a beautiful image. But when we let the night set in and ad the glowing mushroom caps the real magic happens. Now the images really shine! Are you ready to take this step and create a world of fairies?

It’s decision time…

Once you enrolled you have the power to create some magic

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Let's take a walk into the enchanted forest