Learn to sculpt the light with hand hold flashlight

I’m really excited to announce that my new masterclass: Light Painting Photography is finally finished. For the last couple of months I’ve been working real hard on it. It took a whole lot more time and effort than I anticipated. But now I’m really proud of the result. The masterclass covers all aspects of creating these wonderful light paintings and with it you will be able to get creative and produce these wonderful magical images by yourself.

I know a lot of you were waiting impatiently for the release. At the moment the masterclass consists out of 15 chapters, including the introduction. And still, I continue working on some extra sections. These sections will later on (within next weeks) be included within the tutorial.

I want to give you all tools needed to get creative so you can produce these fantastic images by yourself. I tried to explain everything in great detail so also a beginner with minor experience in Photoshop can follow the workflow. I think right now the tutorial already covers more than most of you expected. Consider the extra sections that will follow as a bonus that’ll be online very soon.

Below you’ll find three videos of the masterclass.

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after the beginning of April I will rise the price to 125$ (buy) / 99$ (rent) and lower the discount to 30%.

I released my tutorial on the Vimeo platform.

Claim your 40% discount: EARLYbird

Claim your 40% discount: EARLYbird