40% discount on all masterclasses valid until May 26, 2023

Normally the 40% discount expired yesterday, but I received quite some emails. Most people had no problem while purchasing, but some did. Maybe you are one of them and I don’t want you to mis this opportunity, so I give you two extra days to purchase.

What to do when payment doesn’t work

Sometimes it occurs that payment through Paypal doesn’t work. It’s an issue with Paypal itself. There are several options to solve this problem:

  • use a different browser
  • use a different computer, tablet or smartphone to purchase (later on you can use any computer to watch the classes)
  • pay through VISA

Here are the links to the Masterclasses and the 40% discount codes:

How to purchase:

To start you first select the class of choice in the list above, then select the ‘rent’ or the ‘buy’ option. A window will pop up. Here you are asked to create a (free) Vimeo account (if you don’t already have an account with Vimeo). After that a new window will pop up. Here you first fill in the 40% discount code (‘apply promo code’ in blue). The price will then drop 40%. Only after this, select your payment method and finish the purchase.

Cost of the classes

  • rent (one year access) 60$ after the 40% discount
  • buy (lifetime access) 78$ after the 40% discount

How to watch classes:

Later on when you want to watch the classes you’ll first have to log in to your Vimeo account. Click on the (blue) avatar in the right upper corner (desktop) or on the blue V in the left upper corner (tablet or smartphone). In the window that then pops up you select purchases.

Some people make the mistake to create several Vimeo accounts. Then only the account used to purchase will give access to the classes. If you created severall accounts you used different email addresses or a combination of email, Facebook or Google to log in. 

Feel free to contact me!

Remember! If you have any questions or remarks, don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m here to help!

Wish you a lot of fun creating wonderful pictures!