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How to shoot a fairy tale

Join me onto a walk into the enchanted autumn forest Join me onto a walk into the autumn night. You can already hear the call of the enchanted forest. The owls announce the magic that is about to happen, the birth of a new fairy tale. The days are getting shorter and the forest floor already turned into a carpet of colorful autumn leaves, some leaves still cling to the trees. Darkness falls in quickly, while I head deep into […]

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Glowing mushroom light painting

Coming soon, glowing mushroom light painting tutorial.

The most magical time of the year is coming! Autumn, full of color and magic. I really love the forests in autumn colors. The sound of the wind playing with falling leaves, the smell of the wet forest floor. The earth transforms from green to vibrant yellows, reds and orange, the color of fall. The land of the fairies descends between the trees. After the golden glow of the autumn sunset a blanket of darkness covers the woods. Now a […]

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