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How to shoot a fairy tale

Join me onto a walk into the enchanted autumn forest Join me onto a walk into the autumn night. You can already hear the call of the enchanted forest. The owls announce the magic that is about to happen, the birth of a new fairy tale. The days are getting shorter and the forest floor already turned into a carpet of colorful autumn leaves, some leaves still cling to the trees. Darkness falls in quickly, while I head deep into […]

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Mushroom Photography Tips

Take a walk into the enchanted forest and create some magic Mushroom season is here, temperatures are dropping and humidity in the forests is on the rise. A perfect combination for mushrooms to pop up. I really love this period of the year. A perfect opportunity to pick up my camera and head to the woods. Mushrooms have something magical, they seem to come straight out of a fairy tale. They really trigger our imagination and lead us back to […]

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Diffraction: loss of image sharpness

When I was starting with photography I always wanted to get the best out of my camera. I love to shoot macro images and I always tried to shoot the sharpest photos with a wide depth of field (DOF). By setting a small aperture of f/18 I was not pleased with the result! The image lacked sharpness! My logic reaction was to shoot at even smaller apertures of f/22 and f/32. Now I was really disappointed! Something must have been wrong […]

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