The Light Painting Photography Masterclass

“The Light Painting Photography Masterclass”

A camera, a tripod and a flashlight is all you need

Light Painting Photography

An intensive tutorial on light painting. A camera, a tripod, a hand hold flashlight and the right skills is all you need. No need for expensive cameras, special lenses or big studio lights. 

Also you can do this

Creating this kind of stunning pictures isn’t as hard as you might think. Everybody with basic photographic skills can learn this kind of photography. 

For all levels of photography

Skills and tools needed:

  • Shoot in manual or in bulb mode
  • basic skills in Photoshop
  • Digital DSLR, mirrorless or even a pocket camera
  • a tripod
  • a good hand hold flashlight

Prepare yourself to capture the unseen

Looking through a lens changes the world, the camera sees differently. Learn to play with light and shadows to create a unique look
Self portrait in low key
Dirk Ercken
Biologist Photographer

Become a creator and make the picture


  • gear and camera settings
  • single and multiple exposure approach
  • light modifiers
  • composition
  • light composition
  • handling the flashlight
  • series of field examples
  • post processing
  • 18 chapters
  • duration: 4h19′
  • Availability: Worldwide 
forest path light painting

The single and the multiple exposure approach

You can choose to keep it simple and create the whole image in-camera or you can create more complex images using layers and masks in Photoshop.

Become a creator and make the picture

Create a unique light composition

You choose what to reveal by creating a unique light composition. You choose what to show and you create the mood you want. 

Gear: a camera, a tripod and a flashlight

Turn your small flashlight into a wide range of soft boxes, spotlights and floodlights

Learn to play with light and shadows

The single exposure approach

This image come straight out of the camera, without any post processing. That’s the strength of the single exposure approach. This technique is perfect for simple compositions and simple light compositions. Through a process of trial and error you build up the image step by step. 

The multiple exposure approach

The multiple approach is more suited when creating more complex light compositions. Such as in this image where I included a wonderful cloudscape. 

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