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If you are reading this, you are participating in the contest and make a chance to win one of these three masterclasses:

Important note: The Flower Art Photography Masterclass is available in three languages: English, German and Dutch

Are you already imagining yourself, creating this kind of amazing pictures?

If you win, you’ll get your price! Even if you already purchased the masterclass of your choice. If you already purchased you can choose to get a 60€ refund.

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Light Painting Photography Masterclass: 50ofLP

Mushroom Light Painting Masterclass: 50ofMLP 

Flower Art Photography Masterclass: 50ofFAP 

Masterclass Artistieke Bloemenfotografie:50ofBL

Meisterkurs Künstlerischen Blumenfotografie: 50ofBL

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Rules of the giveaway contest

  • Each week I randomly pick 1 winner
  • If you already purchased one of the classes and win the contest you can choose to get a 60€ refund
  • You only have to subscribe once (once entered you participate in all weeks that follow)
  • the winners will be announced on my instagram stories and through my newsletter on the 20th and 27th Januari and 2th and 10th Februari 2023
  • If a winner fails to claim the price within five working days, a new winner will be randomly picked